After owning a clothing boutique for 10 years, I realized that the fast fashion world no longer aligned with the slow and simple life I had been craving.

I graduated from Middletown High School in 2008 and left my small town one month later to attend the Art Institute of New York City. I was eager to learn and knew I was meant to be in the city.

When I turned 21 years old, I found out I was going to be a mom. I was excited, terrified and faced with a decision… do I continue to chase my dream of Fashion? Or do I give up and get a “real job” to support my daughter and I.

The easy answer was to get a stable job. But I knew my heart that I could never look my daughter in her eyes one day and tell her to follow her dreams if I had given up on mine.

So I spent the next 10 years building my dream business and bringing fashion to my small town. I moved back to Delaware and eventually opened a clothing boutique.

By the time I was 30 years old, I grew that business to multi million dollars in sales. I didn’t have any money, I was eventually a single mama to two kids and I was figuring it out all on my own, but I stayed motivated, fought through the hard times and I made it work.

And I am extremely proud of myself for that.

Fast forward to the Pandemic in 2020, my retail doors were forced shut and I went from a staff of over 10 to a one women show again. Not only did we survive the pandemic, my online business thrived.

The hard part was when we were able to open again. I had a difficult time wanting to get back to a full staff and 7 days a week in the boutique.

After ten years of building my dream business, I decided that the fast fashion world no longer aligned with the slow and simple life I had been craving...I made the decision to close doors and start a new chapter of my life!

This last year and half has been so wild, I have found new passions and I have used all of my business knowledge to help other business owners and entrepreneurs.

After finding a journal entry from 2018 that stated “I have a secret dream to one day be an artist…”

I rediscovered my love for painting, art and design...

I’m inspired by vintage florals, bohemian tones and elements of letting go… 

My wish for anyone who discovers my art or hangs one of paintings in their home, is that my journey inspires them to rewrite their story when ever they want.

To let go of expectations of others, to dream big and to design a life they truly love!