Hi, I'm Nicole J!


My art is inspired by letting go of perfection, embracing the unknown and continuing to move forward, especially on the days when you don’t feel good enough. 

Always remember… you don’t owe anyone an explanation for prioritizing your happiness!

As a former boutique owner, I’ve connected with thousands of women who have inspired me with their stories in more ways than I can ever explain. 

I’ve spent the last decade learning how colors, patterns and textures all work together to create a cohesive collection of clothes that make women FEEL GOOD. 

My love for art and creativity started at an early age when I discovered a closet full of fabric under the staircase at my grandmothers house and when she taught me to sew. 



I found a journal entry from 2018 that said “I have a secret dream… I want to be an artist.”

I’ve loved art and painting just as long as I’ve loved fashion and design… if not, longer.

My hopes is that whoever decides to hang a piece of my work in their home, they see it as a reminder that life can be beautiful and messy at the same time.

A reminder to never give up on yourself…

A reminder to find beauty in pain…

A reminder that you deserve happiness no matter what!