• Strength Through Storms

    I think there are a lot of times in life when we don't realize the storms other people around us are going through... they have become so good at covering up their strength with a smile and always respond "I'm good" when you ask how they've been... 

    The truth is... these are the strongest women I know. I admire each and every single one of you.

    This collection is for anyone who is tired of being "the strong one." For anyone who just wants things to get easier and feel the light inside of them again.

  • Grace's Grandaughter

    My grandmother, Grace, was my biggest fan. She supported every single journey of mine... she is the reason I have leaned into my creativity for so long, she is the reason I have the courage to try something new. 

    I miss her every single day, but I feel her presence guiding me and I know, I just know that she's opening my eyes to a new way of seeing my life... 

    I am forever grateful to be Grace's Granddaughter. 

    Let this collection be your reminder to hold your loved ones near, to honor your angels and to listen to your intuition... 

    I strongly believe that little voice, that little gut feeling... it's always someone leading us to a path we cannot see.

  • Vintage Florals

    All of my favorite vintage pieces in my home are items that once belonged to my grandmother 🤍

    If you’ve been around here for awhile, you know she was a big reason I studied fashion design and eventually because a boutique owner.

    She loved flowers… real ones, fake ones.. her home was full of floral prints of all kind and most of the blouses she wore were too.

    Abstract art is hard to understand to some people, it seems easy, it seems messy and a lot will say “my 5 year old could have done that” haha

    But that’s not the point. To me abstract art is full of intuition and emotion… it’s letting go and embracing the beauty that’s to come…

    I know meemee would love these paintings and I still feel her support when I create, the same way I did sewing and sketching and sharing my designs with her many years ago!

  • Soothing Sounds

    Erase your thoughts with the sound of the waves... the ocean crashing onto the sand, the seagulls flying up above... the wind blowing in your hair... 

    No worries in the world. My happy place.