Wait, did the boutique close?

Yes! I closed the doors to the boutique in February 2022. I am slowing down and prioritizing my own happiness in this season of my life. Watch my LIVE announcement HERE

Can I still use my gift card?

Absolutely! Just enter your gift card code at checkout as normal. I will have style bags and graphic tees available to purchase through out the year.

Where can I purchase flowers?

Just in case you missed it... I proudly claim the title, florist for FUN! This will be a seasonal thing for now, the flower bar will be back in Spring 2023... follow my journey on instagram HERE

What are you doing now?

After I closed the doors to the shop, I knew I wanted to help other business owners and entrepreneurs prioritize their happiness. I have been working with clients 1:1 for the last several months and am loving every minute! Interested in social media management or business coaching? Request more info HERE

I recently launched The Friendly Entrepreneur aka TFE, a group for business owners to connect, learn and GROW! 

Are you writing a book?

Yes! A HUGE part of this journey was actually being able to find the time to finish this project. The goal is to have the book published and available by the end of 2023. 

What's the book about?

How to let go of other peoples expectations so you can prioritize your happiness and design a life you love. It's a non fiction book about my life and the lessons I have learned so far.

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