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Okay, let’s be honest here brides. Most of us have had a secret wedding board on Pinterest since we started pinning! I know I am not alone on this one... my board was labeled "One Day."

My board is filled with decor ideas, wedding gowns, and flowers. But mostly when I look at my board it has the feeling of LOVE, which is exactly how I wanted my big day to be. I wanted it decorated beautifully, but more importantly, I wanted the overall feeling to be happiness and love.

My "One Day" finally came true on 4.28.18 when I married my soulmate. To say it was a dream come true is an understatement. The entire day was perfect, and it was more than I could have ever imagined. While the decor was amazing, the love that we felt the entire day meant more to me than any lantern, dream catcher, or vintage table could.

Pat Robinson Photography

We had to get creative with the table layout because our guest list was pretty long for the venue. I knew I wanted a sweetheart table, but it was really important for me to have the kids with us as well. This farmhouse style table with grey upholstered chairs and bench was PERFECT! We had three empty chairs with family and friends just in case the kids didn't want to be up front, but they sat with us the whole time. It was perfect.

I met with Jess from We are Wildflowers a few months before the wedding and explained to her my vision. I didn't have specific colors or flowers picked out, more of the way I wanted the space to "feel." She understood completely and truly helped my vision come to life. The flowers were STUNNING! She made the most beautiful bouquets and placed additional flowers all over the venue with the decor. And seriously, check out that alter (heart eyes emoji!)


A lot of my decor was from the boutique, several items were borrowed from Something Borrowed. If you are a bride and haven’t checked this place out yet, I HIGHLY recommend it! We got a ton of our bigger decor pieces from Tess. They delivered and picked everything, allll I had to do was decorate. ;)

Anything I bought, I wanted to be able to use it again, whether at the shop or in our home. Most pieces came from the boutique; I bet if you take a closer look you will recognize a few of them!

I have received SO many messages about our banner! This made the perfect photo backdrop for our guests. Again with those flowerssssss -- gorgeous!

I’m a sucker for Etsy, which is were I found the banner.

I wanted to do something different for our table numbers. Our florist gave us the idea to use numbers that had special meaning to us, instead of just the typical 1-10. I loved the personal touch and so did our guests! We used the years that Matt and I, and the kids, were all born. Others included the year we started dating, our first house address together, our current house address together, the year NJB was established, Matt’s paramedic number, and a few others!

If you know me, you know I LOVE dreamcatchers! My mom gave me a few handmade dreamcatchers at my wedding shower. The centers of the dream catchers were made from my great grandmother’s handmade doilies. You will now see them in the background of my try-on selfies and live videos. They currently hang in my office at the boutique! 

We wanted our guests to be relaxed and have fun! At all of our family parties, we always end up playing cornhole. Matt made two sets of these awesome cornhole boards. Brooke from Dandelion Designs made the decals to apply on top.

Love Sign, Table - Something Borrowed

Cake & Cupcakes - Sweet Melissa

I am so thankful that Worsell Manor allowed us to get in the day before the wedding. This gave me the opportunity to decorate exactly how I wanted without being rushed! We even had the day after to clean everything up. The venue was perfect for what we wanted, we got SO lucky with the weather. Overall, it was a dream come true. My Pinterest wedding dream come true. ;)





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