My Best Advice for Boutique Owners at Any Stage of Their Journey

My Best Advice for Boutique Owners at Any Stage of Their Journey

This one is for the boutique owners! Whether you’re an aspiring owner or you’ve got an established shop, I have some advice for you today that’s going to help you build trust with your customers and create an environment for your business to thrive.

In this episode, I’m sharing my origin story first, because I have been right where you are now. And as someone who’s been through the ups and downs of boutique ownership, I’m sharing some questions I ask aspiring boutique owners to gauge how serious they are about owning a business. 

Because that’s what this is, friends: owning a boutique is a business. While it can be fun, remembering that you’re building a business that can sustain you and maintaining a level of professionalism to support that goal is so important when it comes to long term success. 

I’m also sharing why you need to get to know your ideal customer (and why you need to pick a specific type of customer to serve), all my best tips for using social media to grow your business, and — perhaps most importantly — why you shouldn’t rush into more space, more staff, or more inventory too quickly. Slow growth is the best growth, friends.

As always, I love chatting with you all! I’m always having voice-note convos in the DMs over on Instagram, and I’m an open book there for any and all of your boutique and business questions. I can’t wait to chat with you there!

And if you’re a business owner totally overwhelmed by social media, I’m starting a new live series, Social Media Simplified, on March 29th. Get access to this series and even more incredible resources over in my group coaching program TFE. We’re all in this together, and this group is such an open and supportive place for anyone at any stage of their business. I can’t wait to see you there. 


In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • [01:13] Hear me speak at the Profitability Summit, hosted by Ciara Stockedale
  • [03:25] Why I’m making an episode especially for boutique owners, and how you can chat with me directly (one of my favorite things!)
  • [06:02] My origin story, including some twists and turns on my journey as a boutique owner
  • [17:28] Two questions that help me determine how serious an aspiring owner is about opening a boutique
  • [20:57] Why you need to get to know the type of customer you want to support
  • [25:54] Why building a social media strategy that converts customers, instead of just posting pretty pictures, is going to be key to your success
  • [31:19] How to create stronger relationships with bloggers and fashion influencers
  • [34:54] How to build trust with your potential customers
  • [38:01] Why you shouldn’t rush into growth or overhead

Join me at the Profitability Summit hosted by Ciara Stockedale! It’s an amazing group of coaches, financial advisors, and marketing specialists from all kinds of inventory-based businesses (and I’m one of them!) who are sharing their wisdom so you can build a profitable inventory based business. Grab a spot for this incredible online summit for only $147!


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