I have a special short little episode for my entrepreneurs, for my small business owners, for those of you who are thinking about starting a business. I had this on my heart and felt I had to share it with my fellow entrepreneurs.

Today, I’m talking about feeling aligned with your business. When you’re in alignment, you’lI feel excited and passionate about your business. The opposite is true when you’re out of alignment. To help you get aligned, I explain the difference between a headspace and heartspace decision, why you should lean into that gut feeling, plus the power of positive energy and intention. 

What’s in this episode:

  • Shifting Your Why.
  • Headspace Decision vs Heartspace Decision. 
  • How to Tell If a Decision Is in Alignment.
  • Leaning Into that Gut Feeling.
  • Having the Right Energy.
  • How the Mentorship Program Works. 



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A great podcast! This was advice that so many need … I have shared it with one of my team members who always feels ‘pressured’ to do the latest trend and this is perfect and on point! Often we get lost and it was so nice to hear that it is okay to just be Y-O-U!

Marla Carter

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