Today I have a very special guest. In our local community, this is that person everyone knows (and everybody freakin’ loves her). She radiates positivity and sunshine. 

In today’s episode, I’m interviewing Ally Kennedy, owner of Grateful Acres. She’s sharing her personal journey during the pandemic that led to a dream coming to fruition – Grateful Acres.  Plus she shares a fun secret: animals don’t talk back, or judge you! 

What’s in this episode:

  • How Ally and Nicole Met. 
  • Ally’s Personal Journey to Starting Grateful Acres.
  • What Is a Care Farm. 
  • Navigating Grief and Asking for Help. 
  • Choosing Positivity and Joy. 
  • It’s Never Too Late to Make Your Dream a Reality.


Ally is the owner of Grateful Acres. After the loss of her parents and during a pandemic, she found that every morning while in the barn caring for the horse, Miss Coolie, she felt at peace. Breathing with Miss Coolie and having the calm wash over her was like her own kind of therapy. Ally also knew that she wanted to do something to honor her parents; she knew she wanted to reach out and help others that may also be struggling.

What started with the smell of a horse's breath and four little Silkie chickens has since grown into a farm of beautiful animals and a Care Farm for the people. A Care Farm is a type of therapeutic experience promoting healing and mental health, through farming practices such as tending to the animals or simply walking in the garden. Ally wants to help spread positivity and joy and help people remember that we all have something to be Grateful for.

IG: @grateful_acres_01  



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