💰 3 ways to INCREASE SALES

1. Build Trust

➡️ You know the saying… people buy from PEOPLE… Let your audience get to know YOU! Yes, it’s important to share product photos, offer details, pricing, etc

✨ What makes your business and brand unique is YOU. Share stories, behind the scenes, let your audience know that you’re a REAL person and that you truly appreciate their business!

2. Get Clear

➡️ A confused customer just won’t buy. Figure out how to clearly explain your offers or products. What’s included? How does something fit? When will it ship? How long is your course? What will they learn?

3. Easy Links

➡️ There’s nothing worse than being ready to BUY and not knowing where to purchase. Have your links ready to go in your bio, in your stories and on your posts. Easy links = easy shopping 🎉

‼️ Don’t skip these steps, I know it can feel repetitive at times to post link after link or mention detail after detail… but you never know who’s seeing a post for the first time!!

Make it simple for them to say YES!


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